Printing document creates Printer Status jobs



When printing a document from any application the job is paused and additional print jobs are created in the print queue that are titled "Printer Status".


After deleting the 'Printer Status" jobs the original job prints.



WARNING: Not deleting all the Xerox printers in the System Preferences / Printers can cause issue trying to remove them afterwards.


  1. Delete all Xerox printers installed
  2. Delete the hidden Xerox Receipts files using the Terminal window. Type below steps in the Terminal window.
    1. cd /var/db/receipts, press <return>
    2. pwd, press <return> - It should return directory entered in step 1.
    3. ls -1* will show the files

    4. sudo rm*, press <return> -You will be prompted for the admin password.

  3. Install the print driver again and test.