Print using Xerox secure print

Xerox secure print allows you to print your document and have it held at the device or MFD (Multi-Function Device). When you select your job and enter your code, your job is printed for you to pickup right then.

Select print in your application, if your see a link that says Print using system dialog... click it to open the OSX print dialog box. This is required to get to the Xerox features in the driver.

In the print dialog box you should see many options, if you do not click on the Show Details button at the bottom.

To find the Xerox Features or Printer Features select the drop down below the orientation. This box may be titled with the application name or Layout.


Select the Xerox Features


Note: If you do not see this option, the Xerox driver may not be install or may need to be re-installed.


Job Type: is where your select if you want to use secure print, there are also other options.

  • Normal Print
    • Prints jobs right out
  • Secure Print
    • Use for protected documents or sensitive information by holding jobs at machine and required code to release them.
  • Delay Print
    • Use to delay a print job to a specific time within 24 hours.
  • Sample Set
    • Prints only 1 set of the document. Use for sample proofs.
  • Saved Job
    • Allows you to save job to the machine.

When you select secure print you will prompted to enter your 4-10 digit code.

 If you want to change it select the box to the right [...]