Print Driver Options & Supplies

When you install a printer it will sometime not select all the installed options on your printer that are available.


You can select the installed options in the Options tab as stated below.

To view/change the printer name, installed options or supply levels of the machine click the Apple ICON and select System Preferences.

Select Printers & Scanners

Select the printer to view (name will vary)

Change printer name

Select General tab, enter the new name if required and optional location.


Some machine will also have button so you can go to the web page of the machine to make additional changes

View or change options

Select Options tab to see and set machine options such as paper trays, finishing options and more.

Supply Levels

Select Supply Level tab to view the supplies level


Note: With some printers you may get a warning for a photo conductor even though the machines does not have one. This is an indication of a supply item that is low or needs to be changed. Check the supply levels at the machine.