Install Xerox Print Driver

Download print driver

Note: Know or verify the OS X version that you have on your Mac. See OS/X Version for help.


You will need to verify that you are downloading the right driver version.


Some browsers might identify your computers operating system incorrectly. So check it in the list to make sure you download the correct file.


Open the downloaded file from the downloads folder.


  • It can be in the program bar
  • You can use Finder and search for Downloads

Download latest driver from Note: You will see the same driver file for several model of machines.

Once you open the file, you will have the mounted file on the desktop and the package file opened in a window.


Double Click the Xerox Print Driver x.xx.x.pkg file to start the install process.

Installing the downloaded print driver

Accept the install and license agreements.

Select install to install the software.

Note: You might be prompted to enter the use or administrators name and password to allow the install to continue

Once the software is installed it will try to locate connected printers on the network. You can select it from the list.

If it does not locate the printer or if you know the IP address you can enter it manually by selecting this option.

Note: If you have printing issues, try installing the printer using the known IP address instead of selecting it from the list.

If the driver cannot connect to the machine you will be prompted with "No Printer Found...." and given a drop down to select the model of machine.

At this point you could get one of two possible screens

If it's a new printer install you would see options to make as a default print and send a test page.

If the printer has already been install once before you may get a notification that the Print Queue Exist and that it will be upgraded.