Setting printer defaults for XSA (Xerox Standard Accounting)


CUPS is used to modify printer settings, if you do not know what your doing you can render the printer or all of your printers useless.

Instructions should work with OS X (10.2 and above)


Use these instructions to set the default printer settings. The changes you make here will be used on all print jobs unless you change them when printing the document (see XSA - Set option when printing).


Printer defaults are set with in the CUPS environment. CUPS is a built in service.


Open Safari and go to localhost:631. If the service is running it will pull up the page, if not you will get instructions to start the service.

If you need to start the service use Terminal Window to run the command. Copy or type the command cupsctl WebInterface=yes in the terminal window to start the service.

There are different versions of the CUPS depending on your OSX version. If you do not see the Printers link, select Administration, then Manage Printers.

List of printers installed

Once you select your printer you are given options to manage jobs and other settings.

Maintenance - use to send test prints and manage jobs

Now you will see the advance options and Accounting System will be an option if available on the machine. You can select the system you use and the options when to prompt.


Once options are set, click on Set Default Options button to save them.


You might be prompted for Administrator Credentials which is a user account with administrator access on the MAC.